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Burning Man Orphans Labor Day Trance-stravaganza! August 29, 2007

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Date & Time: Saturday, September 1, 2007 @ 7:00 PM
Location: Malibu Creek State Park go to the end of Corral Canyon, Malibu, CA
More Info: 866-777-0257 ext 1 web: http://spiritdancer.net

We are throwing a Spiritdance Burning Man Orphan’s Party on Saturday, September 1st, for all of us who are not going to be out in Black Rock City this time around.

We’ll be celebrating good vibes under the stars at the end of CORRAL CANYON (Malibu) in the Santa Monica Mountains this coming Saturday starting at 7pm. Donation of $10 or more at the entrance is tax- deductable, due to our new tax-exempt status.
Come in Burning Man-style creative dress, costumes, you name it (as long as it’s decent for an all-ages gathering)!

IF YOU WANT TO CONTRIBUTE TIME, FOOD TO SHARE or sell, YOUR TALENTS (HEALING, DJ, DRUMMING, ETC), PARTICIPATE AS A VENDOR, Call or Email us asap. You can try the main line at 866 777 0257, or my cel 818 679 6346.

We will be projecting the trailer of “The 11th Hour” at the event, as well as dream-awakening images from around the world with a backdrop of mountains, soul lifting beats, and the rising moon. There will also be some opportunities to participate in some Chi Gung and Trance-Dance/ Shamanic Breathing experiences. It also looks like there may be some massage practitioners around too, some come enjoy!

Your donations and support at this event helps us continue the work of our non-profit agency. This is an alcohol and substance free event! Remember, not only is it OK to have a great time substance free, you can get high on the vibe, and have a great time!

Some healthy refreshments will be available for a nominal fee.

And if you would, please drop us a note and let us know you are coming! It isn’t required, but it will be good for us to know what to plan for!

To get there:

Take PCH to CORRAL CANYON. Drive about 7 miles to the end of the road. We’ll be there waiting for YOU!

Our Vision Statement

The Spiritdance Project is dedicated to empowering the heart, mind, and spirit, working with the general community and with youth and teens, making a difference through powerful rhythms, sounds, positive words and images, celebrating ecstatic and uplifting Self-expression through dance, and promoting the idea that human beings can experience powerful and healing expanded states of consciousness without the use of “out of body chemicals” (OBCs, or psycho- active drugs). In this way, The Project supports the expansion, elevation, and evolution of consciousness, the celebration of values that promote peaceful living, a balanced eco-system, and acts of loving-kindness throughout the world.

SPIRITDANCE POWERTHOUGHT #4: Try focusing on this statement while dancing at the party. Notice what opens up!

I Energize my life with the power of all my good. I have the strength, will and energy to turn my dreams into reality.

Burning Man Orphans Party Event Details

Sept 1 2007
7pm till 1am
Corral Canyon, Malibu Creek State Park, California


If Not You, Then WHO? GO SEE THIS FILM, MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!! August 29, 2007

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I want to ask a personal favor of you, on behalf of myself, some superstar people that are giving their all – taking compassionate action for humanity… and most importantly, I want to ask this personal favor on behalf of the well-being of one very important person… YOU: Please, go see this film and tell everyone you know about it. Such seemingly small efforts have transformed societies, continents, and worlds. We CAN change the world, one small step at a time… it becomes a giant leap for humanity when we all take those small steps TOGETHER!

GO SEE THIS FILM NOW if you are in a place where it is showing! If not, go to the website (11thhourfilm.com), and tell EVERYONE YOU CAN about it!!! It takes only a few dollars and a couple hours of your time to be a part of the solution. And telling people about it is free! Going to see this movie and telling your friends about it MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE. REALLY.
“The evidence is now clear. Industrial civilization has caused irreparable damage. Our political and corporate leaders have consistently ignored the overwhelming scientific evidence.” (FROM “THE 11th HOUR”)

This film is not a gloom and doom kinda movie. It shows us what we are up against as, and what we can do about it. “The 11th Hour” certainly makes it very clear that we are up against the wall as a species, but it also takes a lot of time with a strong message of hope, and clear ideas about what can be done, before it’s too late.

Why am I going on about this movie, and promoting it so avidly? I just saw it this Saturday with some of the filmmakers. This is such a crucial film, and media that has positive intention for the wellbeing of humanity is aligned with the mission of the Spiritdance Project. It is beyond politics, even though some have tried to politicize issues of environment and sustainability for monetary reasons. As the film points out, there was a time in our history when Republicans and Democrats worked together to protect our environment. Leonardo DiCaprio, who stars in it, the film makers, the scientists in the film, activist groups throughout the country, and audiences at the Cannes Film Festival ALL thought this movie was vitally important, and yet Warner Bros., the studio who bought it and are distributing it, is doing NOTHING to promote it. And the film could be pulled early – few are seeing it, because hardly anyone KNOWS ABOUT IT!!!! So it’s down to us, the people, to do something about an important film that needs to be seen around the world!

Support the people that care, and have devoted blood sweat and tears so that we can do something to save the future of life as we know it on our planet earth. Let’s show these champions of life on earth that they are not alone. I invite you to stand tall, let your voice be heard, and vote with your wallet…. let Warner Brothers know movies like this are more important than so much of the fluffy stuff that gets churned out of the movie factories.

BY GOING TO SEE THIS FILM AND SHARING ABOUT IT WITH FRIENDS FAMILY AND COWORKERS, YOU MAKE SURE THIS MOVIE and others like it, get out there far and wide, so they can make the difference and have the impact they were made for. WE NEED THIS INFORMATION OUT THERE DOING IT’S THING if we are to continue to LIVE and pursue happiness, and have fulfilling lives.

Some gems from the movie:

“We face a convergence of crisis. All of which are a concern for life.”

Our project today is the welfare of all of life as a practical objective.

“Will our pivotal generation create a sustainable world in time?

These are not technical issues nearly as much as they are leadership issues…”

There was a time when Republicans and Democrats joined to pass major environmental laws…

People need to realize that there are things they can do in their everyday lives….adds up to something meaningful.

“You can also vote. And I don’t mean voting at a voting booth. Anybody of any age can vote. Because you vote when you pay for something…”

This generation gets to completely change this world.

Let’s turn the 11th hour into our finest hour!

Find out more about the movie and what you can do to make a difference online:

There is an AMAZING website (http:// 11thhourfilm.com/) that has gone up, where we and our friends can get ideas about how we can take positive action now. There are pre- written letters you can copy from here, that we can send to all kinds of business from catalog companies, to dry cleaners, restaurants and manufactures: Let’s have our voices be heard.

Did you know that most major companies give a “weight” to each letter they receive? YOUR LETTER ALONE, represents 10,000 people that did NOT right in, but who feel just the same way you do. Send in your requests, your thoughts, hopes and dreams, and be the voice of 10,000!
See the movie! Get inspired! Give meaning and power to your passion and inspiration by being part of a major solution: And it takes only a few minutes of your time.

The hope is you! The future needs YOU!

Check Local Listings for Showtimes
New York, Los Angeles, 100 cities coming soon (Friday I beleive)! Check listings in your area!

Watch this. Amazing! July 2, 2007

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More about Skidboot (1992-2007)

Blessings of Peace, Beauty, Joy, and Music! October 3, 2006

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